A Chic Work Outfit When You’re in a Style Rut

Chic work outfit style rut spring summerPhiladelphia style blog fashion Philly blog

Do you plan your outfits out the night before work? When I worked in a corporate setting, I would always plan my outfits in the evening so I could have one less thing to think about in the morning. It also gave me something to be excited about when I was waking up at 5am the next morning. Now as a small business owner, if I have an important meeting, I like to plan everything out in advance and wear something I feel 100% confident in. Lately, I’ve found myself in a style rut since my typical daily mom uniform consists of jeans and a t-shirt.

classic style blog free people Norman skirt everyone white t-shirt club Monaco coat
classic style blog free people Norman skirt everyone white t-shirt club Monaco coat

Feeling uninspired with your wardrobe may seem meaningless but the consequences are more profound than you may think. When I’m not feeling good about what I’m wearing, I feel unmotivated and have trouble focusing. Call it what you may but what I’m wearing affects many other aspects of my life. I can’t feel centered and my best self if I’m not presenting my best self externally. If I’m feeling uninspired, I turn to my notebook to get myself out of a style rut. Does anyone else have a list of outfits they keep that’s available in case you need some outfit inspiration? Whenever I think of something new, I add it to my list so my future self can thank me. This is a chic work outfit from my style inspiration list that has become my new favorite.

The white t-shirt is on the casual side but looks more polished when paired with a midi skirt and structured coat. For warmer weather, I would replace the camel coat with a blazer. This particular skirt is high-waisted and can be worn with a crop top without showing any skin.

classic style blog free people Norman skirt everyone white t-shirt club Monaco coat Philadelphia style blog fashion Philly blog Philadelphia style blog fashion Philly blog Chic work outfit style rut spring summer Chic work outfit style rut spring summer

I have a rack in my office of my favorite pieces. Whenever I’m in a style rut, I choose something from the rack and figure out how to style it in a new way to keep things interesting! Here are some tips I use to add some variety to my daily outfits.

♥ Sit in a cafe and sip on your coffee while doing some people watching. I love to observe what the girls around me are wearing and I’m not too shy to ask, “where did you get that?” if I really love it.

♥ Clean out your closet so you can rediscover pieces you haven’t worn in a while

♥ Go to Pinterest and Instagram for new ideas from your style icons, even if the outfits are outside of your comfort zone. Whenever I see a fun new look, I save it to my outfit inspiration board for future reference. I recently saw Mary Orton from Memorandum add a belt to a chic white blazer and loved the result.

♥ Start putting together a list of outfit ideas and consult it whenever you’re feeling stuck

♥ Have your go-to pieces front and center in your closet. If you know you feel confident in a breezy summer dress, have that ready so you can easily choose it when you’re feeling uninspired.

Or you could always come to this blog for some new ideas. 🙂 Have you tried any new outfits lately? What do you do when you’re in a style rut? Comment below. 🙂 

Chic work outfit style rut spring summer

Outfit details: Skirt: Free People // T-shirt: Everlane // Heels: Sam Edelman, sold out (similar here) // Bag: Staud // Coat: Club Monaco 
Location: Lokal Hotel in Fishtown // Photography: Alex Ashman

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