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Talula's garden first birthday party philly

Perry’s First Birthday Party

When Julian and I first started planning Perry’s first birthday party, we knew a few things: 1) We wanted something nontraditional 2) we wanted it to be outdoors surrounded by greenery, and


The Top Coffee Shops in Philadelphia

One of my favorite weekend morning activities is going to a local coffee shop and having a good cup of coffee. During the week, I typically make coffee at home and drink it on my way to work, making my commute so much more tolerable. Sunday mornings, however, are for taking your time. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops in Philly.


A Local’s Guide to the Best Date Night Activities in Philadelphia

There’s something special about Philadelphia in the fall. The air is cool and refreshing, pumpkins and squash dominate local cuisine, and shades of orange, brown and red take over our surroundings. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or live in the city, Philly has great options for date night that can turn a quiet night on […]


Earthy Tones in a Philly Beer Garden

Philadelphia knows good beer. Independence Beer Garden, one of the newest beer gardens in the city, is a massive new outdoor restaurant in Philadelphia’s historic Old City. Located near the Liberty Bell Center and Independence National Historical Park, the restaurant serves over 40 kinds of regional and domestic craft beers. Distressed metal and repurposed wood, […]


25 Ideas for How to Spend a Summer Day

1. Visit a local flea market for some unique finds. 2. Reorganize your closet and create piles for donating clothes to charity, selling clothes to a consignment shop, and clothes destined for the trash can. 3. On a rainy day, binge watch a new TV series or host a movie marathon pajama party. 4. Pretend […]